Why Digital Marketing is must for Start-up businesses?

How Digital Marketing can help Start Up Businesses to sustain and grow?

Let us explore how Start-ups can leverage Digital Marketing channels in promoting their products and services with minimum effort and cost.

Are you starting up?

Do you want customers to fall in love with your brand with a limited budget?

Do you dream of a wider demographic reach and afraid it would be impossible?

Afraid of big companies will steal your ideas and promote themselves because they have a larger budget?

Do you want to make your brand stand out with a limited budget and freebie options?

You assume marketing requires a large budget?

THINK Digital media marketing


All you need is the creative use of digital media tools and techniques to create brand awareness and spend less.

You only need to think out of the box without having a lot of experience when you use digital marketing media.

Are you a start-up from a different industry trying to get the word out?

Think social media, user engagement, content marketing, and being searchable online?

Do you want more users to join your social media pages and communities?

Create compelling content and look for ways to optimize the content.

It is possible only through digital media marketing.


Cost and pricing are the cornerstones of any business.

Digital marketing is your cost-effective solution to get a broader reach in a short period and get users engaged with your brand at the same time.

Do not have a budget for television or print ads? Try free tools of Digital marketing and get a broader reach in a short period.

But, the question arises again; how effective is digital marketing for start-ups?

Want to know? Here is a case study on how digital marketing has worked for start-ups.


Ambipur is not a luxurious brand. But they did create an impactful brand engagement by creating blogging events, inviting bloggers to the meet, and creating awareness about their brands and products.

This is not a clothing brand either that binges on glamour and beauty.

Ambipur is a utility brand that keeps the air inside the car fresh and clean.

Ambipur experimented with online marketing and promotion techniques through blogging and conducting experimental events.

It shows the potent of what online digital marketing can do for a brand and business of any scale and industry.

Social media and online platforms are distractions on any given day that can be put to constructive use through online branding and tools that cost so less, and you could just get started with it.

Social media and digital marketing are so widespread, and it would be challenging to have a marketing strategy in place.

For this start-ups can get started with creating compelling blogs and online content that is free to create and keep the users engaged.

When and how can you get started?

The answer to this is immediate.

Start-ups do not need to hire specialized talent in blogging and social media to get started with promoting their business online.

How to get started?

# Gather information about your products and services.

# brainstorm on creating compelling stories to create engagement.

# vary content format to generate more interest and user engagement.

# Regularly update and use promotional packages within your budget.

Start-ups do not have to spend a single penny initially to get started with using the available digital promotional tools.

They only need to execute digital guerilla marketing techniques to get the word out and create a buzz.

Having a good idea is not enough

Is it not enough if you have a good idea and a developed product. It is essential to create a buzz, so customers come to get know-how and exciting tidbits about your products, business, and services.

Digital marketing clears mental roadblocks, see how it is:

# Most of the start-ups do not know how to get started and what digital marketing strategy to follow.

# Digital marketing plans can be changed and executed on an ad-hoc basis.

# Metrics and analytical tools are available for free to analyze the posted content.

# Start-ups can create a cohesive plan to reach wider demographics and reach a broader audience.

# Digital marketing tools give start-ups insights to optimize content and create better user engagement.

You do not need a million dollars to get started

Marketing a product and a business traditionally required a lot of budgets and an organized plan. Also, a traditional marketing plan has constraints when it comes to executing it.

Start-up’s binge on creativity and innovation and digital marketing tools provide that platform to be innovative to create user engagement with a lesser cost.

You can create impact and compelling content that can stir the emotions of the users and make them fall in love with your brand. You do not need a million dollars to do this.

Here is a simple statistic on your potential to reach millions of users

Seven million people are living on Earth, out of which 2 million people use the internet. You can see, as start-ups, the volume of targeted users and demographics that you can reach with a limited budget that print and broadcast media cannot do with a mammoth budget. Also, print and broadcast media can only provide a reach for particular demographic regions.

Your Keywords are the buzzwords

You do not have to know marketing jargon to create a buzz about your brand. You only need to use keywords and phrases to optimize the published content and make them more searchable online.

This creates relevance in search results, and the right users who are looking for your products will land up on your page.

Start-ups only have to know how to use keyword search tools and many other free tools with minimum technical and marketing knowledge.

Yes, that is the beauty of using digital marketing tools; they are free for all to use and fetch desired results!!

Using the right keywords and other SEO techniques that are free to use helps in keeping the content optimized.

List of free tools start-ups can use to generate the buzz

Start-ups can build their businesses with these free digital marketing tools available online.

Google Analytics- start-ups can vouch for this free tool and get umpteen valuable insights about the content and optimize it.

Keyword planner- The focus is on researching keywords that are relevant to your business. This free tool provides multiple metrics that start-ups can use to gain competitive advantage.

BuzzSumo- This is a tool that can be used for free and can also be upgraded to a paid membership. This tool can help start-ups and any online user to find trending topics relevant to their industries.

The similar web is a free tool that provides an in-depth analysis of web traffic on the website. It comes with a dashboard that displays data and metrics about the incoming traffic.

There are such umpteen free tools available online that start-ups can use and gain competitive advantage and promote their business online, bringing in more conversions with a limited budget