What are the 10 social media platforms you should be using?

It is widely suggested, to enhance your brand name, value and presence in the market it is very important to be always active in all forms of social media.

As we all know on the web, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in terms of a total number of users and name identification.

In today’s fast world social media has become the game changer in everything.

Big business cannot afford to interact with customers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

But businesses do marketing through social media where you’re more likely to reach and connect with your spectators.

To choose the most excellent social media channels for you to interrelate with your clientele, take some time to make acquainted yourself with each network, how it runs and what demographics use that raised area.

The following are the basics you need to know about today’s most popular social media platforms:


On the web, Facebook is known as the biggest social media network. Facebook comprises of the largest blend of demographics of any social platform with more than 1.59 billion users. You can use Facebook to share videos, photos, update company information and much more.


Twitter is an occurrence place.  Individuality, Relevancy, and conciseness are the keys to making your voice hear.Twitter has altered fundamentally more than the years, and today it’s criticized a bundle for going the means of looking and implementation almost precisely like Facebook.


Instagram is a very popular social network for sharing photos, videos, and much more live updates. Instagram invites brands with illustration content into their customers’ zone-out time. Craft and post content consequently.


Same like Instagram, in the food or fashion fields’ Pinterest, is the greatest platform for anyone. Pinterest has its extraordinary popularity with women as its 85% of usage is done by them. Pinterest has the uppermost income per click of any other social sharing set of connections.


As we all know, YouTube is known as the second largest search engine as it video sharing platform with millions of users and it’s owned by Google. YouTube is a huge world of news and entertainment. YouTube has an imaginative, visual or educational module on many businesses.


Snapchat is used to share videos and photos and around 170 million people are using this mobile app. nowadays public stories are very famous in this app which disappears in 24 hours. A tiny commerce will frequently likely make use of the stage for its Stories, but keep in mind that only users who have supplementary you can view the story contented.


Day by day new users are joining in LinkedIn nowadays. And now, there are approximately 300 million users in LinkedIn. The social media network you can focus on if you are working B2B network

8.   GOOGLE+:

Google+ is very famous social media network as it is being used by both casual as well as professionals. Around 600 million users are active on Google+ every month. And now Google+ has turned up as a leading form of online social communication.


9.   VINE:

vine is a social media platform which is fastest growing as well as very exciting. Around 50 million users are using this app while as compared to Instagram is 500 millions.
Brands use Vine to get awareness among the public and for marketing of their new products and services.


Reddit is basically a news site on social media. It has a petition that goes away from simple “headlines.” These headlines are virally shared and voted up.

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