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Effective Paid Marketing Services to Uplift Your Online Sales and Retain #1 Position on Search Engines!

It’s time to take the lead with business-specific Paid Search Marketing. It is often most convenient and effective technique to reach your highly-targeted audience within a very sAre you still lagging behind your competitors and can’t stop them stealing your customers? hort span of time especially if you have just entered the competitive marketplace flooded with similar businesses.
With the help of right paid search marketing practices, you will get an attention-grabbing presence even before the organic search results and can win more targeted prospects. The only catch for maximum returns is to make a right pitch including key terms in a magnetizing tone.
At Passive Lead, we stick to this catch to help your business reach its revenue goals in parallel to the better visibility that you get with organic SEO. In addition to maximizing your ROI, we strive to identify new tricks to reduce the cost per conversion and customer to the minimum. You can trust us for your advertising investment.
We understand your concern to trust anyone and risk your business. That’s why, we offer free audit report to come out with the most cost-effective ways to run your paid campaigns and amplify your returns in minimum time period.
To serve your business with the best, we have left no single medium of Paid Search Marketing untested including:
Advertising on Search engines suchs as Google, Bingo which allow show your advertisement on their top pages.The advertiser will pay to search engines for every user clicks on the advertisement and may contact you for further sales process.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    A strong visibility online is essential for your business growth. We create the most influential PPC ads using your business-specific key terms to bring you on the top, allowing your targeted audience to find you exactly when they are looking for something specific. Our PPC professionals also help your identify improvement opportunities in the ads already running so to optimize the returns of the investment you have already made.
  • Google Shopping

    We help you build smarter selling experiences through Google shopping – that helps you to reach your prospects around the globe. Our marketing professionals come up with the creative ideas to make a bold appearance online to attract real shoppers and drive them towards your products and services when they are absolutely ready to make their purchase. Won’t you like to experience an all new storefront for your products and services?
  • Display Retargeting

    Our display retargeting practices help you retarget the lost customers, maximizing the number of conversions. We program display retargeting in your sales funnel to help you get maximum value returns on investments you will make in display ads. We utilize every possible medium for display retargeting to drive conversions from the prospects especially those who have already shown interest in your product and service in their last visit.
  • Display Advertising

    “A Picture Says A Thousand Words”. This is the reason; display advertising makes the best way to convey your brand message to the targeted prospects in an effective manner. We, at Passive Lead, help you unlock the maximum potential of display advertising with the choicest of images, videos, and their respective captions to grab the attention of potential audience on different platforms i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc. and compel them to make a purchase decision.
  • Behavioral Retargeting

    With our behavioral retargeting advertising services, we highlight your business afore target audience to make it easily recognizable. Further, we focus on cross-selling and up-selling techniques to boost your business ROI along with impressions. Our skilled team continuously works on ideas that can help cutting down customer acquisition costs and traffic wastage, making your sales funnel more effective and result-driven than ever.

    We identify the keywords that your audience researched for previously to conduct result-oriented search retargeting advertising. This helps you to reach the most interested prospects based on their previous actions on search engines. We make sure that no more loopholes exist in your campaign strategy by merging the potential of search queries with the ability to show up your brand afore prospects as per their interest,

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Our Process

The process to get started is very simple. We have three phases: strategy, build out and management.

  • SEO Strategy

    one of the SEOs on my team was brought in during the wireframe stage. T­he entire product team held SEO-specific meetings every week to go over specific recommendations, taking them very seriously, and leaning on every word our team said.
  • Build Out

    Passive Lead offers a Web-based keyword management software solution that integrates PPC and SEO, keyword analytics and action, to improve the efficiency and profitability of your Web marketing efforts.
  • Search Engine Marketing Management

    Monthly SEO Management from Passive Lead, you’ll get everything you need to keep your campaign performing at its maximum level. We are always transparent with our services and customize our tactics to fit your business needs and goals.

Passive Lead has grown our website from 0 visits to just over 25,000 monthly visits. Their digital marketing services are very effective in growing your brand online.

 seo client passivelead
Amie M. Baker
Director and co-founder

Simply Impressive!  Within the first two months of taking on Passive Lead we saw a 100% increase in our organic traffic and the single biggest increase in revenue.

Brian Mohr
Paul Stephen
eCommerce Senior Manager

Outstanding is the right word for Passive Lead. I must say they understand the term Branding in true manner. Great leads coming every week. I have simply become their fan.

Brian Mohr
Co-Founder of Y Scouts

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