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Lead Generation Strategies for Startups


12 Easiest and Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Starting up can be challenging. It requires you to think on your toes without a lot of guidance, initially. You are pretty much running the show all by yourself when you are starting up. You could have an amazing idea, and also build a product around it.

But, creating a buzz, getting the word out involves tactics and strategies that usually requires a lot of money- not anymore!! Established companies have a set budget for marketing and promotion.

Start-ups can harness the power of social media and digital marketing tools to generate leads and get conversions without burning their pockets.

Start-ups can get a solid footing in their respective industries and seek growth only when they start paying attention to lead generation strategies using the available digital marketing tools.

Creating a great demand for your products needs a lot of legwork. Generating sales for your product against the biggies of the industries requires start-ups to keep optimizing marketing strategies.

Marketing is now an innovative activity that does not require a huge capital to get started with. Marketing is no more about glossy,printed ads and celebrity endorsements. To get people to talk about your product, start-ups do not require big names endorsing them.

Lead generations act like a chain reaction. Without leads, there are no sales, and without sales there is no growth and funding.

These are a few strategies that can help start-up generate leads with a shoe string budget.

Optimize your website and create call-to-action on landing pages

User experience is essential when it comes to generating content and creating an impactful layout of the website. There are umpteen free tools that can help start-ups analyze different elements of the web page and provide metrics on their performance.

These metrics can help them make changes and test every format of content that goes online and check for their performance.

When landing pages are clear and have call-to-action elements, this can create leads leading to sales. Design, layout, and the content that goes on the landing page is crucial. It must be to the point and have an impact on the target audience.

Precise contact forms

You must be a new brand. But, customers who have heard about your brand for the first time are still willing to provide you with their email and contact details.

Keep the contact form crisp so that users do not run out of patience filing in details. Remove mundane details that are not useful and ensure that the link to this page is always active.

Name and email address are the only details your contact forms must have to get started with. The simple rule to follow here is to ensure that the contact form should not have too many fields.

Provide diverse opt-ins on your website

Vary the content that you provide on your website. You can create how-tos, tutorials, Ebooks, videos, and any other format of content that is easily accessible to the users on your website.

Make this available for users and keep it optimized. Offer valuable content through these opt-ins so users stay glued to your brand even if it is new.

Build a strong presence on social media

You do not require extensive training to get started with building a presence on social media. Know what are the platforms your industry uses and start building audience on them.

Craft offers and generate interesting content to retain the attention of the users. If you have free as well as premium products to offer, make sure that the pricing is right.

Be selective about promoting these products. A good rule to follow here is to promote those products which form the core of your business.

Niche and premium products must be promoted carefully on special occasions. This also means using tools to integrate work and make it easy to promote products and services and generate leads.

Remarket to existing customers

Always keep in touch with all of your customers. Keep sending them offers and upgrades every time you send out an email or a text.

Promote your business and services to already existing customers and always respond to any query that comes in.

Add some humour in blogs

Everyone loves a good laugh. Customers remember products if they emotionally connect with it.

No matter what is your product, use creativity to generate humorous posts and create content that stirs up their emotions.

Create humorous videos and blogs that showcase the information about your product can keep the audience engaged.

Keep testing and optimizing the content

Content strategies become stale over time. If you have to reach a greater demographics, keep testing and optimizing your strategies.

You can vary the content by creating how-tos, or finding a resolution to the problem, or stirring up controversy. People give heed to controversies as much as they give to content that generates positive emotions.

Timeline of posting content

Use timelines to reach users of different age groups, ethnicities, and geographical regions. Choose different timelines for posting your content on weekdays and weekends.

Understand when users are active on social media even on a busy day of work and post it on those timelines so they pay attention to the content you publish.

Do not post mindlessly on all social media platforms. Choose social media platforms that are relevant to your industry and use them effectively.

Get a 1-800 Toll Free Number

Be available to customers all the time. A customer must be able to reach out to you knowing about your business anytime.

Getting a toll free number helps you record the name and contact details of the customers even if you are not available and operate with standard business timings.

You can call back your customers and promote your products. Toll free numbers are affordable and leverage sales of your business multi fold.

Post on online classifieds

This is a free tool. Most of the online classified websites let you sign up for free and promote your business.They also charge a nominal fee to pass on the leads to your business.

Apart from using digital marketing tools, this is one of the easiest ways to generate more leads to your business.

Create relevance in your content

65% of the purchases are made online based on the relevance of the content posted. When users understand what you are trying to sell in simple language, and relate to it, they end up buying your product.

Network and connect with influencers

Use every opportunity to network but do not get obnoxious about promoting your business. Connect with influencers in your industry and get the word out.

Conferences, events, webinars, social mixers, and any social and business events can help startups to build a customer base. Communicate with influencers and build credibility.

Start-ups can use guerrilla marketing techniques using the digital marketing tools and create viral content. Digital marketing gives start-ups to come up with out-of-the box ideas that can be executed with a shoestring budget.

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