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Engineering firms are the ones that still hesitate to take up new and advanced forms of marketing. We help them taking a step forward to the online world with suitable digital marketing tools and techniques so to explore a wider range of growth opportunities. We highlight their expertise and success stories afore right target audience through different online channels and platforms, fostering them towards their business goals.

Passive Lead team has core knowledge to do Marketing Services for Engineering Companies

Passive Lead helped Mechanical Engineering companies and Engineering Services Companies in Website optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

In general Engineering Companies believe and still following traditional Marketing such as Exhibitions, One to One Meeting and cold calling. These methods may work, but you may not get good ROI or high cost per each lead.

As Passive Lead team consists of Mechanical Engineers, we can understand your products and your marketing requirements. So you can rely on us to get leads.

We can confidently say we provide cost-effective Marketing, Lead generation services for Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Services Companies.

We have provided our Marketing services not only Indian customers, but Europe and USA customers too.

There are many reasons why Europe and USA customers choosing us is the geographical advantage and cost-effective services.

Engineering Industries like Automotive, Food Equipment, Semi-Conductor, Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining all need marketing for their products/machines. Depending only on Exhibitions, meeting one to one may not be enough, it is time-consuming and expensive. If manufacturers spend some portions of the budget for online/Digital Marketing the results are good.

Engineering Services companies who offer 2D Drafting,3D Modeling, Product Design, Re-Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Change orders, CAD Customizations and Legacy data Migration they can show online or can do content marketing through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing to get quick leads.

So if you need Digital Marketing services for Lead Generation contact us.

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