Use these 7 Marketing Tricks to Uplift your Flowers Sale (Before Your Competitors Know)

And, Become The Busiest Florist Of  Your Region 

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special occasion, you being a florist do real wonders with the aura of celebrations.

Your bucket full of flowers is no less than a bunch of creative ideas that can take any event’s decoration to a whole new level, but you still feel unable to grab attention of your potential customers.

You have the best lot of flowers. You have a spacious flower studio. You have enough staff to cater your customer needs. Even you are located in the core of main market. Still the sales at your doors leave you with disappointment.

Have you ever paid attention towards the marketing tricks you have been using since long?

Besides that, Is it sensible enough to stick with the traditional ways of marketing while everyone else is adopting the changing trends? Obviously not!

Here are

7 Successful ways to get more customers at your flower store

Never Ever Break Up With Existing Customers

Having a bunch of loyal existing customers can save you from the troubles of attracting new ones to a large extent. Better you will be at keeping your current customers happy; better are the chances of recommendations.

Always remember to treat your customers so well that they can’t resist suggesting your name every time they are asked for flower shop references. You can send them thanking notes with their orders or greet them over call. You can announce special discounts for them. Moreover, you can store their birthdays in computer system and send emails with a birthday special offer.

Such things will definitely help you make lasting relationships with your customers

Showcase Your Creativity With Floral Arrangement

Flower arrangement could be a real deal maker or breaker. The variety of flowers you have doesn’t make much difference until they can easily grab the attention of your shop visitors. Make sure each type of flower is appropriately displayed on the forefront.

It can often be a case that visitors can’t find their choice of flowers just due to the messy arrangement of flowers and return empty handed.

To avoid such sort of disappointments, make sure you make a good arrangement of flowers that eases customers to pick their choice without making much effort.

Greet Them With Sincerity And Smile


People don’t always remember you for who you are, but they will always remember you for how you behave.

When it comes to a business like flower selling where the flowers you sell spread happiness at different occasions, a smile while greeting your customers can do wonders for your business.

According to a study on facial attributes, it is clearly shown that people remember the faces with smile. Hence, keep a smile on your face whenever someone enters or leaves your shop.

Organize Seasonal Events to Spark Prospects’ Interest

Events do the best trick to give your flower shop the recognition it deserves not only among the local residents, but also people from other localities who have keen interest in study of flowers or exploring a variety of flowers.

Announce different workshops and events depending on the seasonal availability of some flowers, it will help your prospects to remember your name whenever they will need the flowers that they can rarely get anywhere else in nearby shops.

Free Giveaways will Never Let them Forget You


Who don’t love free gifts? Everyone does. In fact, researches shows that sales increases whenever customers are offered free gifts on their purchase. You can introduce new items of your shop as free gift to them or you can do branding by gifting them something with your shop name printed on it for free.

This way, customers won’t forget you easily. And, there are good chances of extending your reach when your customized free gifts will take your shop’s name to every home.

Take Advantage of Print Media

Reap complete advantage of print media for every announcement you make – be it for a new sale, workshop, or any other event. Let every event’s call be louder with proper use of print media. You can use pamphlets, flyers, or newspaper’s portion to attract maximum prospects towards your shop.

Highlight the added advantages they can get by shopping at your shop including discounts, early-bird sale, membership offers, and similar sort of attractive gifts. This will keep you ahead of your competitors for long-term.

Embrace Digital Marketing for Extended Customer Reach

Last but not the least on the board; unleash the potential of digital marketing for extended customer reach. There are many florists who are still unable to use online marketing appropriately for their business expansion.

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