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Running Email Campaigns for effective marketing and customer retention!

You have the best quality content on your website. Your website is highly optimized. Even your call-to-actions and lead magnetizers are serving their purpose well, and you have built a huge database of potential customers through subscriptions. But you are still unable to reach your revenue goals.
This might be due to ineffective email marketing strategy. An appropriately curated email marketing campaign can help you make maximum from the huge database that you have collected after investing ample of time and efforts.
We, at Passive Lead, help you make a right approach to your prospects through effective email marketing campaigns. Our experienced team combines the powerful landing pages with effectual emails to raise overall conversions on your website.
We believe in conveying your business perspective to your target audience in simple terms while encouraging them to know more about your business and the solutions you have for resolving their problems. Our objective is to reduce the wastage of your valuable customer database by nurturing them with the information they are seeking for and instill your brand name in their heads so to make them think of you whenever they are ready for a purchase of products and services you offer.
Our email marketing services are reliable due to:
  • Comprehensive Research

    We understand how important is to understand your target audience is. We perform a comprehensive research about their preferences so that we can cater them as per their expectations and can build a relationship with them for long term. In addition to new customers, we also keep the existing customers in consideration to nurture your strong base while laying the foundation for new blocks.
  • Powerful Strategy

    Our objective is to create such a powerful email strategy that can transform the traditional habits of your prospects. We design campaigns with compelling messages and graphics that your prospects can’t resist exploring further. Our aim is to retain the potential customers for a longer span of time than the usual so that they can actually get value out of your email. This sparks an interest in them to stay in touch with your brand.
  • Email Optimization

    Nobody likes to read any email in detail unless it is speaking about their specific needs. We send users the appropriate messages after carefully analyzing their needs through analytics, segmentation and their recent actions. We also utilize A/B testing methods to monitor click-through and email opening rates. Our experienced staff tailors the customer-specific emails with the use of appropriate data and best emailing practices.
  • Statistics Collection

    We believe that data with statistics is the best way to reflect a clear picture of efforts made and their outcome. We collect all the statistics including emails sent, customer responses etc. to know exactly what prospects are looking forward to and divert our efforts dedicatedly to that direction. This helps making stronger relationships, giving your customers a reason to remember you in the time to come.
  • Effective Design

    Our email campaigns are structured and designed to serve your prospects with valuable insights that in turn helps you to reach your business goals within a stipulated time frame. We critically care about placing effective call-to-actions in support to the content and images so to drive sound results. We make sure that every email of ours triggers clicks and serve the intent while making the entire campaign a fulfilling experience for your prospects.
  • Email Data Analysis Services

    Research has shown that over 80% of data is not been accessed or changed in over a year.The Bunker Data analysis service provides insight into your data to enable your organisation to Description of service ,the benefits of our Data Analysis.

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